Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And Then A Miracle Occurred

So all these years, whenever Child Number One had to go anywhere -- even around the corner to the bus stop -- something terrible would happen to prevent her from walking.

Too cold
Too hot
But I walked all day!
Too wet
I'm stressed out!
Too icy
My shoes have holes in the bottom
My feet hurt...

Now, with a sparkling new license, she's finally able to drive herself. But that's not the miracle I'm talkin' 'bout.

A year ago a used Outback fell into our laps at a price no sane person would refuse. About 3k under book value. Child Number One had exactly the amount she needed to buy it in her bank account. Even though the car had had major work done on it already, I knew there'd be nickel and dime stuff. Isn't there always?

Fast forward a year. Gas prices have doubled. A nickel and a dime have become euphemisms for $500 and $1000. A solid dime later, combined with the exercise of digging into her own pocket for fuel, and suddenly the aches and pains of her youth have magically vanished.

She can walk!

That's the miracle I'm talkin' 'bout.



Blogger Don Guitar said...

I wonder if they ever get past "fits it daddy"? Just this evening I "fitsed" my youngest's central air unit because the heating and air guy injured his back. He gave her the part (he knew exactly what was wrong with it) and I installed it. Not that I mind an opportunity to hang out with my grandkids and what the heck, I'd probably mope around and be all depressed if she never called, now wouldn't I?

July 03, 2008 1:37 AM  

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