Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since I can't seem to get and keep my act together about blogging, I've decided to repost some classic entries from days of yore. Join me in this trip down memory lane until I get my ass in gear!

Here's one from November of '06

Not George Clooney's Dream Gal (but maybe his dream horse...)

Read a tidbit-o-gossip about George Clooney today in which he described his perfect woman as possessing Nicole Kidman's laugh, Julia Roberts' personality, Michelle Pfeiffer's beauty and J.Lo's ambition. It got me to thinking about what celebrity traits I might possess. Here's my list:

Julia Roberts' laugh--Yeah. That big, obnoxious, masculine HA! HA! HA! But only when something is really, really funny.

Elizabeth Montgomery's face (?)-- Kathy Love swears I look exactly like Sam on Bewitched. I don't really see it, but there it is. My kids think I'm a mix of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman. I tend to agree more with that one.

Alice Kramden's deadpan humor--technically, she's a character, but she's alive to me and since this is my blog, that's all that counts. It's a style I tend to use around men more than women. The openings they leave are just too hard to resist.

Lassie's hair--I look like a collie, and shed like one too!

Since no one reveals their real personality in Hollyweird, I won't even take a wild guess. But if I had to channel someone, I'd probably pick Mr. Ed .

What about you? What celebrity traits do you possess? More importantly, are you George Clooney's dream gal? Dream pet? Tell the truth!


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