Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Current Events

Here are a few gut reactions from recent days:

To: Friends up and quitting their jobs:

Are you mad, people? In this depression, I mean economic crisis, WTF?

Monday Secret: To The Nice Dental Hygienist:

You asked me why my gums were so much healthier than last time. I told you I'd been flossing more. I lied to please you. The truth is, I'm less stressed. I wish I had told you that!

To: Some male friends telling me I'm too emotional, and others telling me I'm not emotional enough:

Come closer, then, bite me.

Re: Dexter:

Serial killers make the bestest boyfriends evah.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

wie Sie tun Sie, gehen zu sagen der Abstand auf Deutsch?

Oh mein Gott! Going The Distance has been released in Germany. Take a gander:

Here's a literal translation of my author bio: “ANN WESLEY HARDIN buildup on Long Iceland as a daughter of a pilot and loves since then aviation. As a child it conversed” with the secret natures in the walls of its children's room “plentifully fertile soil for the writer career.

No wonder I've had 17,000 website hits from Germany these past couple of days *gg*