Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This One Time in Band Camp...

So my friend Meg and I met these hilarious guys the other night -- cry-laughing, side-splitting, fun-a-rama, wanna-see-them-again-so-bad kinda guys.

We had decided to go "out of town" for the evening, in other words, hit different places, shake things up a little. Our town is small. We see the same people every. single. weekend. It's boring after a while, you know?

Anyway. We cruise down to a pub a few miles away, drink a beer, have some food. Meg attracts the eye of a cutie across the bar. As soon as I go to the bathroom -- because God forbid he'd have my penetrating blue stare upon him -- he makes his move and exchanges numbers with her. We're stoked as we walk out to her car. See what going out of town can do??

Full of ourselves, we decide to stop at another pub on the way back to a local bar we've never been to together. We find a parking spot, park (d'oh) and head in. All of a sudden we hear a voice bellow, "We just got kicked out!" I turn and spot what looks like two frat boys hulking in the parking lot. Big frat boys. Mentally, I dismiss them. But...

Is it the writer in me? The asker? The wonderer? Do I always have to acknowledge people when spoken to? Will my curiosity someday kill me? Am I too nice to ignore two sauced idiots in the parking lot of Houlihans? Or did I have a feeling...

Obviously all of the above. Or at least one.

"Why?" I ask, turning and taking a step toward them.

"There's a wedding party in there," one of them says. He looks older up close. Something tells me he's about my age. The other one looks younger. And hotter. And younger. As it turns out he is, but not by too much.

"Who the hell has a wedding party at Houlihans?"

Meg laughs.

"I know!" one of them bellows.

"I'm not going in there if there's a wedding party."

"Where are you going?"

I name the diviest bar in town.

Meg falls down laughing. Literally.

They follow us up there. Wind up being two responsible, thoughtful, smart, funny, sexy, gainfully employed, funny, and did I mention sexy, guys?

We end up having the. most. fun. we've had in years. Literally. Hours of playing pool, aching laughter, dancing, high school antics, phone calls that night to make sure we got home ok, a day later, declarations of we have GOT to do this again -- how they'd been laughing and reminiscing about meeting me and Meg.

Romance? Maybe. Who cares? It was so. much. fun.

All with these two guys who picked us up in the parking lot of Houlihans. And how we let them.

A feeling. A risk. Taking a chance on fate.

This one time at band camp.

What's yours?

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Anonymous Bev Stephans said...

It sounds like you had a great time. It will be interesting to see if there is a follow-up.

The best times that I ever had was when I went out with a group of friends. There is no romance pressure and you can just be yourself. Let it all hang out! LOL!

November 07, 2008 4:42 PM  
Blogger Don Guitar said...

Some bars have a reputation for being 'snake pits'. I play in the Open Mic host band, every Sunday evening (4 to 8 PM) in a place that's always had a fairly negative reputation but once you hand around for a while and get to know some of the regulars you see that the reputation is a little unfair. They're just folks, no more or less screwed up than any other folks. Of course there are a lot fewer bars than there used to be but maybe there's the same amount of negativity about bars so the surviving bars get stuck with what amounts to a distillate. *shrug*

With bars, as with individual people, I think that how 'bad' they are is proportional to how much unresolved pain they contain.

Put me in the pro column when it comes to finding romance in odd, unexpected places or, for that matter, anywhere at all. When people are talking about 'basic human needs' they mention food, shelter and employment. The might even say life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but they almost never mention the most precious are rare of basic human needs; someone to love. Why don't they mention this one? Is it denial or superstition? Go figure.

I wish you love, luck, health and happiness.

November 08, 2008 2:42 PM  
Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Bev, the group dating really works for me big time. I love it! As you said, no pressure. Just fun, fun, fun.

The Band Camp boys are still very much in the picture. Stay tuned for further adventures!

November 13, 2008 11:02 AM  
Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Don, for some strange reason, many people don't want to admit they need love. As I mention in my bio, falling in love is the riskiest journey of all. That's why I write romance!

November 13, 2008 11:05 AM  

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