Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Little Stray Puppy

Ok I lied. I do have something to say. So sue me. Ya'll know that the minute I publicly declare myself unavailable, and no one complains, I come back. There's something vaguely sick about that, but we won't go there just yet.


Ever have a stray dog follow you home? Or come out of the grocery store to see a puppy sitting in the passenger seat of your car?

My grandmother got two long terms dogs the same way. Every day she'd take a walk to the post office in Clovis, New Mexico to get her mail. Moochie, a brindle, female mutt with epilepsy, followed her home one day in the...I wanna say early 60s? Not sure when but it was probably the early 70s when she died. Can you help me here oh Fab one?

Within a year, maybe less, Lady, a cocker spaniel mutt -- who also happened to be pregnant as we discovered when she was taken for a hysterectomy -- followed Grandma home from the post office. She died too, as dogs have a tendency to do, but I can't recall when. It was close to ten years later, though. I think...

I've heard stories of dogs literally jumping into open car windows while people sat at red lights. I've also heard the grocery store scenarios. They fascinate me, these tales. Some mysterious force drives them to choose their owners. If they could speak, they probably couldn't explain it. It just is.

Like two horses standing together in a field. They don't say anything to each other. Communication is unnecessary. They just stand there and it's fine.

Or like Denali, The Wonder Dog, making eye contact with me across a crowded kennel and I knew...

I recently made an acquaintance that metaphorically feels like this. Not sure which one of us is the puppy, but, in the end, it doesn't matter. It's a friendship that feels on some level child-like, or animal-like. We seem at peace in each other's air space, just being.

What's up with that?

Have you ever been chosen on instinct? Have you ever done the choosing. On a feeling. A whim? What do you think this force is?

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